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Mighty No. 9 donations exceed $4 million, game will include retro soundtrack and online race mode

Mighty No. 9 hit its final two stretch goals prior to the end of the game's Kickstarter. (3DS, Mighty No. 9, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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DarkBlood  +   197d ago
jesus christ any further theyd do a limited disc release. now i have to get this game
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SynGamer  +   197d ago
I just want to point out that over 67,000 people pledged. That's more sales than A LOT of games manage to get in their lifetime at retail release...

Simply amazing. Glad I was one of the 67,000+ :D Can't wait to play this on my PS Vita!
0ut1awed  +   197d ago
What?? They mad the Vita mark? YES!

The last time I checked the kickstarter was 24 hours before it ended. At the time it didn't even seem like it would make a x1/ps4 release, much less a Vita one.

Now over $4 million??!! Where the fuck did that come from??

This game will be a prefect fit for the Vita and I'm stoked!

I'm pretty disappointed with the online component though. It seems the exact same as Rayman Legends. Seriously I'm able to play a game on my Vita with the Killzone 3 engine (Killzone Mercenary) with 7 other people online. But I can't play with at least one other person realtime in a side scroller???
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SynGamer  +   197d ago
I have faith that whatever they do for this game, SP and MP both, they will do it right and make it work well.
clearelite  +   196d ago


@Dark ^:
Yeah a limited physical release would be amazing.
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nosferatuzodd  +   197d ago
indeed I'm getting this just to spit in capcoms face im a vengeful demon lol
The Great Melon  +   197d ago
You still have a chance to buy it currently! Head over the Paypal site listed on the Kickstarter page. You can still back for the digital game at $20. Also, if you are feeling generous go help out the Shantae team at Wayforward. It would be great if they could also smash through some stretch goals.
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kalebninja  +   197d ago
we did it.. oh god we did it... but i am curious to see what that next tier was
ironfist92  +   196d ago
Buying the Megaman rights back from Crapcom lol
yeahokchief  +   196d ago
lol *brofist
Game4life  +   197d ago
The sheer ammount of support this got is amazing. it just makes me wonder how much support megaman would get if a new entry came out.
Juste_Belmont  +   197d ago
I think this pretty much proves how much support it would get. I know I for one would have bought Mega Man Legends 3 if they had released it. He may not have meant to do it, but Keiji Inafune basically proved that the so called "lack of fan support" reason for the fall of Mega Man was a farce.
SuperJ4ke  +   197d ago
i actually disagree with you Juste, not that Mr. Inafune has left Capcom along with many of Megaman's strongest team members. the Megaman series is a shell of what it used to be. now i don't doubt that just them slapping the title on the box would get some peoples attention, but the hardcore fans know that it wont be right.
Lionalliance  +   197d ago
haha, suck it crapcom :D!
Mario18  +   197d ago
Although Capcom did not make a Megaman game like many fans have wanted, please do not blame the whole company at fault. There are definetely some employees within the company who supported the making of a new Megaman game.
ritsuka666  +   197d ago
Capcom is upset right now:

nosferatuzodd  +   197d ago
indeed lol
CalebZachary8411  +   197d ago
Wow insane. I did not think it would even get the vita version.
Game4life  +   197d ago
to be perfectly honest, i didnt even think it would reach the ps4/x1 goal originally
CalebZachary8411  +   196d ago
Im with you.
GdaTyler  +   197d ago
Damn they're good. We actually did it!
XboxFun  +   197d ago
Wow, with all this support it would really suck if his game turned out to be "meh" or suck.

I hope Keiji puts every ounce of love and hard work into this game.

I wonder what the higher ups at Capcom are thinking? I know they are stirring up some evil plot.
SoulSercher620  +   197d ago
Wow this game is seeing more support every day. And they're trying to bring it to every console and handheld so everyone can play. Thank you Inafune and former Mega Man devs for actually giving a damn about us. Your dedication will certainly pay off later.
wishingW3L  +   197d ago
for a side-scroller this is a Triple A budget. In fact, Megaman never had a budget this big.
-Gespenst-  +   197d ago
Hmmmm, the surge of money at the end is a bit suspicious. Seems like it was some big investor or publisher, not the backer community. Either way, hopefully this is good.

That said I don't know why they need hundred's of thousands extra just to make an introductory level, or a single level with the Call character. I really don't think you NEED budgets like this to make a GOOD videogame... Anyhow, should be good.
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Blastoise  +   197d ago
Maybe people realised it was their last chance to do it? Or wanted a few more stretch goals to be reached before placing their money down?
ThatArtGuy  +   196d ago
Kickstarters are always this way. Half the money at the beginning, the other half at the end when people realize that they need to get in on it.
bullymangLer  +   187d ago
you:And Atari was Nintendo's daddy. What's your point?

Me: oh yea atari was the one with better games? this whole time atari with best content on planet??

hahaaaa Nintendo wins
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   197d ago
i doubt capcom will let this game see the light of day. hopefully im wrong but i seriously doubt this game will release. capcom will sue.
KonsoruMasuta  +   197d ago
For what? Having a similar concept? Concept is not infringing on anything Capcom owns. Capcom owns the Megaman name and characters. As long as Comcept uses their own characters, story, and title, Capcom has nothing to sue over. You can't sue because another game has similar gameplay.

Why do you think Gameloft continues doing what they do?
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   196d ago
Don't try and convince yourself that this game isn't a MM clone. We all no it appears to be. You obviously have no clue about America copyright laws to ask me "sue for what" I want this game to happen to but trying to say this game isn't a lil to close to MM is just plain silly.
SoulSercher620  +   196d ago
Ever heard the term spiritual successor?
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   196d ago
Ever heard the term Right of Publicity?
Goku781  +   197d ago
With all the hype behind this it better be as good or better than mega man x when it first came out
princejb134  +   196d ago
I love the meagaman x series
Not so much for the regular meagaman with his companion dog but this game looks promising
Goku781  +   196d ago
I agree, but mega man 2 was classic, I hold MMX 1 almost on that level.
maniacmayhem  +   196d ago
I definitely agree with this.

Too much hype is going to bring a level of expectation that might not be realistic to the actual game.

As much as I love Mega Man I really hope it won't be a Mega Man clone with a shiny HD gloss over it. I hope he will be able to add some new and exciting flavor to an already proven game mechanic.
swice  +   197d ago
Capcom, if you can this, you are going to piss off and push away A LOT of your fans. I may disown you if you sue, and I've been a fan since the heydays.
Remy_S  +   197d ago
That's one hell of a passionate fan base, glad it made its stretch goals. I was wavering on which game I should back between Shantae and Mighty No 9, but after seeing such overwhelming support No 9, I decided to go with Shantae, it hasn't made too many stretch goals. Regardless, I'll be picking up both day 1.
KonsoruMasuta  +   197d ago
Now to back Shantae!
Rai  +   196d ago
It jumped 7 goals in 48 hours...thats amazing.
No_Pantaloons  +   196d ago
OMG! All I can say is Capcom eat you heart out!
SSJBen  +   196d ago
That mad dash to 3.8 million in the last 4 days was epic....

And nwo that there's a Vita version, hot damn wow.
ZeekQuattro  +   196d ago
Now the waiting starts. 2015 seems so far away. lol
gano  +   196d ago
Thank you to those who supported this.
Limted edition vita version please, with physical copy.
Day 1.
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