How much is the Day One Edition Achievement actually worth?

Xbox One Daily asked Microsoft about the value of the Xbox One Day One Edition Achievement and here's what the company had to say.

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THamm1748d ago

More like the 'One Day' achievement.

1OddWorld1748d ago

PS4 has no day one achievement, but it does have more power :D

PFFT1748d ago

Someone ate the Sony BS sandwich.

Tooly1748d ago

somebody mad they aint gettin no sandwhich,extra mayo.

Mario181748d ago Show
1OddWorld1748d ago


Does math offend you? Because the numbers don't lie.

B-radical1748d ago

What does ps4 have to do with this

Gamercore1748d ago

I've never quite understood the appeal with achievements, but I have friends that are OBSESSED with them.

Wish there was a way to sell my Day One achievement to them :P

mwjw6961748d ago

There is... I'm preaty sure its a code you could give to them. LOL $$$$$$$$$$$$

UbiquitousClam1748d ago

Well if you're someone who tries to get as many achievements as possible and 1000G all there games then its probably worth a lot.
But if you're someone like me who just has a kinda I get them if I get them attitude towards achievements then its worth nothing.

rebelxs1748d ago

Wow their generosity never ceases to amaze me ! :)

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