Must have accessories for Next-Gen consoles

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release is just around the corner, but a shiny new console is nothing without some shiny new accessories to go with it. Whether you are getting the PS4, Xbox One, or maybe both we can all agree that accessories will be a must. So here is a list put together to guide you in the right direction.

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GameBlinx1697d ago

You can't go wrong with Turtle Beach. You should get a headset stand to lay those on! It gives you a safe place to keep them.

SpitFireAce851697d ago

I had my $80 PX21 break on me a few weeks
ago i only had them a few years.No sound
at all and cant hear friends chat as well.But my
friends can hear me.So iam getting Astros

kazuma9991696d ago

already have 2 ps vita lol

Pintheshadows1697d ago

I'll definitely be kitting my PS4 out with all the seasons must haves. Bangles, a Tiara, a nice clutch.

She'll look beautiful.

I have problems.

Honestly though, i'll look to invest in a new headset over everything else as my current one is virtually from the Dark Ages.

GameBlinx1697d ago

Well maybe you can trade in that antique headset for some pieces of silver. For all we know those things could have been used by Marco Polo.

Pintheshadows1697d ago

He must of needed something to do during his voyages, and what better than an MMO with some his friends all across the world.

Zancruz1697d ago

Yep, That's almost everything I'm getting...

PS4 Camera
Dual Shock 4 (Red)
Sony DS4 Charging Station
Have no need for a Headphones... My Surround Sound set up is better.

Clover9041697d ago

Surround Sound is great, but I also have a headset for 1)multiplayer, and 2)sleeping girlfriend.

Zancruz1697d ago

Lucky me, my current girlfriend doesn't live with me and the one that did slept like a rock... Lol, Besides with a good system you don't have to blast it to hear everything , so I just use a decent mic for online play.

Chris5581697d ago

like a rock lol iktfb but i need to take brightness down when she sleeps

Boody-Bandit1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

You can add this one to your XBOX ONE list
Thrustmaster TX 458 FFB Wheel

For those that are getting Forza 5 and are FFB fans, this is really the only option for now. Still no word on whether or not it will include a clutch pedal but it's a step up from Thrustmasters T500 wheel. The T500 is a top notch wheel.

Now if only more was known about the PS4 and their wheel options. I'm a wheel addict. I can't play anything on wheels without a good FFB. I'm hopeful one of my current wheels will work on it so I wont need to spend more money.

GameBlinx1697d ago

I was going to but then I took a price tag to the knee. That wheel costs an arm and a leg. If you can afford it though it is definitely sweet! Racing games are so much better when you can use a wheel.

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