SonyRumors - Gaming With Heather: ‘Beyond Two Souls’ Demo

SonyRumors - In this week's editorial, Heather talks about playing the 'Beyond: Two Souls' demo, the exclusive PS3 game and shares her feelings on the game.

"The demo instantly blew my mind because the graphics looked like something I would expect from the PlayStation 4. At that point I was ready to see the stunning graphics in action and of course, to learn more about the story. The demo gives you two scenes to play, The Experiment and Hunted. The first is very introductory and gives you a sense of the story and familiarizes you with the characters Jodie and Aiden. The second part of the demo throws you directly into the action while displaying how amazing the game’s graphics are. The simple controls took some time to get used to, but the demo is extremely forgiving in this aspect. I really enjoyed being able to spend a few minutes testing out the controls and messing around with the interactions without hurting my experience. The demo also features an amazing trailer for the game that again gives you a look into what the full game has in store for you."

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bebitech1783d ago

Games like Beyond: Two Souls deserve to be played. Everybody complains about them wanting 'different' titles out there and the only way to get them is by voting with our wallets and purchase such titles.