First 48 | Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

The ever evolving MMORPG can change from an average fare to an incredible experience over time.'s First 48 article brings early impressions from the title, preceding the full review to come soon.

Square-Enix has found a way to bring the dynamic keyboard/mouse combo experience to a controller in a big way. On top of that, the story and game play impresses. A Realm Reborn may not be a WOW killer, but its a winner nonetheless.

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Edward751753d ago

Great game, endgame is wonderful, even on a console.

Profexxion1753d ago

It seems so. The latency doesn't even hurt it as much.

guitarded771753d ago

I'm gonna pick this game up in a week or two. I've been so invested in GTA, I figured I'd just be wasting money if I bought it now. Plus you get the PS4 version free if you buy the PS3 version, and characters and content transfer, so I figure that's a nice bonus if I end up liking it.

Profexxion1753d ago

Yea the timing is poor. I decided not to get GTA yet because I'm so invested in this currently.