GTA Online Experiments with Online-Gaming Fundamentals

CCC Says: "This ain’t your daddy’s online play…
When you stop and think about it; it’s amazing to see just how much online gaming has evolved over the years. I can still remember a time during the life of the PlayStation 2, when the online component was still a foreign element. Playing SOCOM 2 online was almost an alien concept. This was one of those areas that the PC ruled supreme for years. If you wanted to get into any kind of serious online play, you needed a mouse and keyboard. Whether it was a role-playing game, a real-time-strategy game, or the old, standard FPS, PC was your only real outlet for it. Then, as networks such as Xbox Live and PSN got off their feet, the shift toward console gaming as an online experience really exploded. Until then, late-night games of Counter Strike were the norm."

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