First Female Character Confirmed in J-Stars Victory VS

Medaka Kurokami, the heroine from the anime/manga series Medaka Box has been confirmed.

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tayz1665d ago

she wont be able to stand a chance against Naruto-sama in power!!

RBlue_Desire1665d ago

Not in power, but she is still better than his Sexy Jutsu. xD Half the ninjas would just faint if she is in battlefield like that.

GdaTyler1665d ago

I would faint from fap exhaustion, lol. Anime girls are sexy. :3

Sheed1665d ago

Actually if you read the manga she's from she could probably beat Naruto easily. because her power is, she can't lose. In other words, she is the most overpowered female character in anime.

tayz1665d ago

i will start watching this b4 jstars comes out!

HALOisKING1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

goku can beat her with just a blink of an eye

RBlue_Desire1665d ago

Goku can beat most of them in blink of an eye.


HALOisKING1665d ago

lol i just watched the anime lol noway she can even touch naruto XD

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xxPillsxx1665d ago

*Look at picture*

Whxian1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

obvious addition

clearelite1665d ago

Thanks now have some money.

Misaka_x_Touma1665d ago

pretty surprise not many here watched it

animegamingnerd1665d ago

i have seen and read a little of medaka box but not much

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