Opinion: Isn't It Time That We Put a Stop to Grand Theft Auto Online-Esque Debacles?

Push Square: "Grand Theft Auto Online is broken. It’s hardly the most startling revelation of the year, as anyone with a lick of common sense predicted that Rockstar’s servers would crash faster than a towed mountainside penthouse the moment that the hotly anticipated multiplayer component launched. But with this kind of issue becoming more and more common, isn’t it time that mega publishers started thinking ahead before deploying their wares in an unplayable state?"

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jessupj1814d ago

I expected a lot of server lag and a lot of disconnections. I did not expect the game to still be completely unplayable almost 24 hours after launch.

I understand it's impossible to stress test the servers to simulate million's of users, but R* knew how popular the game was and had roughly 1.5 weeks to prepare (after initial sales data came in). Like I said, I thought this would have resulted in at least a half working game.

dennett3161813d ago

1.5 weeks? What do you expect them to do, create extra servers with magic and unicorn farts? In 1.5 weeks, they'd be lucky if any extra servers they'd ordered had even turned up, much less been hooked up and tested. This kind of thing will ALWAYS happen, because servers are expensive, and a game NEVER requires the sheer number of servers it would need in order to work without a hitch on it's first few weeks of high demand....the amount of users logging on simultaneously will eventually drop off, and then they're left with expensive servers just sitting there.

It's all very well to say what you want, you're not the one paying for the infrastructure.

get2sammyb1814d ago

I completely agree. I can only imagine how much pressure those engineers are under, but if they couldn't get it working in time, they should have delayed it.