Half-Life 3's Development Confirmed By Valve’s Bug Tracker Site

Valve Software’s bug tracking site now includes a group for Half-Life 3 and a second “Half-Life 3 Core” group, basically confirming that the game is in development. You don’t look for bugs in a game you aren’t developing, after all.

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-Foxtrot1602d ago

You know I'm really getting the feeling that with Half Life 3 any bits of news, real or fake come in bursts. You hear nothing for ages and then you get 2-3 articles in one day.

I think it might be coming soon, they have nothing else planned or announced in the games department so I think this is the next release. They will announce it with Source 2 and this, Source 2 and the Steam Machine stuff will all be linked together for marketing.

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camel_toad1602d ago

Bug-testing, maybe that means there at least in some form of an internal beta phase? I might be wrong but I don't think they do much bug testing in the alpha stage.

Abriael1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

JIRAs are normally opened since the very beginning of development.

JunoDivided1602d ago

Um keep in mind many titles are announced and have gamplay trailers when they are in PRE-alpha so this is likely nowhere near beta

ATi_Elite1602d ago

Half Life 3 is really just the codename for Ricochet 2. LMAO.

*I wonder how many people will get this joke

DejectedJeff1602d ago

Are you referring to that video "gabe newell at e3"?
I love that video haha! Unless youre actually referring to the game ricochet.

That-Guy1601d ago

1 + 2 = 3. Half-Life 3 confirmed.

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Jovanian 1602d ago

In the months preceding HL3s release, I will assume a complete hiatus from internet forums, news sites, gaming sites, and social media sites.

I will NOT be spoiled one iota for HL3

Abriael1602d ago

I will purposely find all the leaked footage I can, and post it. And you won't be able to resist the temptation. You'll click it. You know you will :D

-Gespenst-1602d ago

Good idea. New outlets don't care about spoiling shit for people, they just want to churn out news and get paid. I reckon we should all just pretty much ignore them, don't give them the time of day.

We know HL3 will be good no matter what, so to hell with keeping up to date with the inundation of media that'll precede it's release, it only ever serves to spoil and make the final experience lack.

Pintheshadows1602d ago

I read a really long discussing on the IGN Wiki page for GTA5 the other day about how people where getting annoyed with Easter Eggs in GTA5 being spoiled on the front page. The attitude of the moderator was horrific. He was a massive penis.

Flyingdog6701602d ago

I haven't even played any of the Half-Life games... and i'm still excited for Half-Life 3 (x

NihonjinChick1602d ago

Neither have I. All I know is that this game is hyped to hell.

Makes me want to play it.

barb_wire1602d ago

You should play them.. amazing games.

Can't believe you haven't played them yet!

SlapHappyJesus1602d ago

Half-Life 2 is an amazing experience.
As for the original . . . while it is still fun, I don't really feel it holds up all that well. Funnily enough, the two expansions for it that were developed by Gearbox, at least in my opinion, fair much better in this regard.

darren_poolies1602d ago

I played around half way though 2 and just wasn't feeling it so I never finished it. Will play 3 though.

Kalebninja1602d ago

the game was great for being old and it was ended on a cliff we need the next game

xXxSeTTriPxXx1602d ago

Half life 2 is one of the greatest games ever made even by todays stanards.

Only game I ever tricked out a pc for and it was well worth it.

SirBradders1601d ago

Just watch the whole playthrough on youtube for the story.

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xKugo1602d ago

Please don't play with y emotions, Valve!

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