Blizzard confirms Warcraft movie release in 2015

Player Attack writes: Details are incoming (we hope!), but Blizzard has just announced that the film adaptation of Warcraft (simply titled WARCRAFT), will hit screens on December 18, 2015.

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thehitman1755d ago

Confirm a WC4. Until then I couldnt care less about what they produce.

3-4-51754d ago

WC4 should have released like 4 years ago.

There is no way they Don't have the money to make this happen.

thehitman1754d ago

My guess is they wont start on it even until the third SC2 expansion is done but I really hope to god that the same people who deal w/ the sc2 multiplayer doesn't deal with wc4. But who knows they may be done w/ wc as an rts with all the spinoffs they are doing of it wow, hearthstone and all this other stuff...

InTheLab1755d ago

In 2015 when no one but the gold farmers will care. They need to roll out Wow2 and WC4. Both long over due