Valve's Recent Announcements Show They Aren't Going After Consoles, But Rather Tradition

Hardcore Gamer: In taking the pulse of the online gaming community regarding Valve’s announcements, it seems that there are a lot of feelings of either disinterest or confusion regarding them. If those are your reactions, don’t feel slighted or lost, but rather understand that everything that has been revealed isn’t meant to be a set in stone vision of the future of gaming. but instead is intended to set the foundation of an idea regarding the future of gaming that will only become standard or encouraged if it is executed in a way that warrants success, rather than serving as the one and only option for consumers that don’t want to be left behind and are forced to buy a system that may or may not be fully capable, just to stay current.

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Saryk1814d ago

Good read! Since the Atari 2600, besides digital distribution, nothing has really changed.