Sega of America lays off some staff in the U.S.

Japanese company doesn’t say how many jobs it cut in U.S. operations.

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kalkano1753d ago

Probably included all employees of Atlus. ROFL!

N4GCB1753d ago

And now we'll never get any games.

WeAreLegion1753d ago

Where else would "SEGA of America" lay off employees?

PixelNinja1753d ago

good lucks to those who have been laid off,hopefully they will end up with some good job opportunities.

feraldrgn1753d ago

Dang, hope they get hired by another company then.

This doesn't really look very good for gaming, Sega bought Atlus which is sort of good but then.. Sega is closing Kazuya sites outside of Japan.

& now they're laying off staff in America.
I hope it doesn't mean we get less Japanese games from Atlus, etc.

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