'Assassin's Creed 4' will utilise Kinect for Xbox One

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will take advantage of Kinect for Xbox One, it has been revealed.

Speaking to Digital Spy, game director Ashraf Ismail said that the game will take advantage of Microsoft's motion device in a small way.

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yellowgerbil1697d ago

Tacked on motion controls, and less content than the PS4, that's a day one purchase for me ;)

Bzone241697d ago

Tacked on touchpad controls also.

FlameHawk1696d ago

Also better on PS4 since its the lead platform.

Drekken1696d ago

The touchpad is convenient and practical. People that have tried it said it is better than using the sticks.

Kinect on the other hand... Is waving your arm around or something. It is just clunky. Maybe you will enjoy it, but I don't like taking my hand off the controller while I am playing.

OpieWinston1696d ago

It was confirmed months ago...PC is the lead platform.

badz1491696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

2 words! REMOTE PLAY! THAT alone makes the PS4's, the best version!

badz1491696d ago

looking at the disagrees in my previous comment, it seems like "more is BAD" for some people!

Sony has showed the Remote Play with AC4 and it works like a dream. it's like having 2 versions of the game for the price of 1! how's THAT not better than the rest?

and With Vita TV in coming, there's no reason for ANY PS4 gamers not embracing Remote Play anymore. for $99, you can't ask for any better!

strickers1696d ago

Which according to Rev 3 games , work well and make sense? Those map controls look very sensible

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Mystogan1696d ago

"Tacked on motion controls"
Because you already know what it is right?

rainslacker1696d ago

If it's not a core part of the game design, then by definition, it is tacked on. Thus yes, we already know that it is tacked on, regardless of what it is. Same goes for touch controls. Doesn't make it bad or good, but doesn't change the term.

A gimmick by any other name is still a pointless bullet point.

I really need to work on my iambic pentameter.

LogicStomper1696d ago


"If it's not a core part of the game design, then by definition, it is tacked on."

Correct, but you're doing it wrong. You see, having an additional kinect function is a good thing, but you're adding a negative connotation towards the idea.

I could say that this lamp has an additional 'brightness' button. You, doing what you're doing, would say that the lamp has a tacked-on brightness button.

See what's going on? You're literally trying to spin this into a negative idea through the use of "tacked on". You can try spin things all you want but anyone who's done English in high-school will see right through it.

rainslacker1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

I didn't mean to imply that it was a bad thing. It's an added function, and if it's useful in a way that improves game play, or some other features of the game(say navigating the map) then it could be useful.

Whether it's bad, or whether it works well or not is up to the developer, and ultimately the end user.

The term still stands however, which is what I was getting at. It's an added feature(or tacked on), way to access another feature which was designed to be accessed another way. Typically, this means it becomes a bullet point for marketing...such as the whole "Better with Kinect" line out there. In your example with the lamp, it's not really tacked on as it's the only way to have more than one brightness setting on the lamp, thus it's a feature of the switch, and a core part of the design.

I feel this is true for any type of additional control scheme that may not be standard, including the PS touch pad.

christocolus1696d ago

why are you worried about kinect2? you sure as hell aint buying he xbx1 so why bother?you get the ds4 support and xbx1 gets havent seen the feature so why your childish amd immature comments? grow up dude. and as for exclusive content for ac4 the xbx one gets exclusive content for division so its a win win..go read up about the improvements in the new kinect before whinning..if talented devs like hideo,suda51,hideo ,shinji, dice are impressed with it and are eager to use it then it means the device is great..take a look at d3 for instance that games previews say kinect integration makes the game so much fun and thats a hardcore stop worrying about the xbx one1s yet unrevealed feature for ac4 and if you cant state your opinions like a reasonable gamer then go keep reading about how awesome the ds4s feature will be instead of immature trolling ........grow up.

Axonometri1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Yeah, I get Kinect. I don't get Kinect in AC4. I am open to useful enhancements... but...

tigertom531696d ago

Im pretty sure Kinect will use same feature as the DS4's touchpad for map navigating which makes sense...

strickers1696d ago

That makes sense? Touch pad controls are more efficient than analogue stick for map scrolling. How will Kinect waving make sense? Not the same at all.

tigertom531696d ago

because your hand acts like a courser and selection would be done with closing your fist would be pretty easy and very quick

mhunterjr1696d ago

Yea, if done right, Kinect could be just as useful for navigating a map as a touch pad is 'think minority report or iron man 3'... of course I've been navigating maps for ages using joysticks without many complaints...

ironfist921696d ago

Use stabbing motion to assassinate templars.

xHeavYx1696d ago

End up with your own blades across your eyes

IWentBrokeForGaming1696d ago

I will play the more user friendly console version... for PS4!

0pie1696d ago

thats a good reason to get the ps4 version then.

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