Soul Calibur XBLA Based on Dreamcast Version

When the original Soul Calibur was announced as an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title yesterday, it was not immediately clear whether the project would be ported from the excellent Dreamcast edition or the less-than-perfect arcade rendition.

Shacknews checked with Namco on the matter, and can now happily confirm that it is the former case.

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sonarus3895d ago

pity i don't have my xbox now. This and splinter cell chaos theory shall be my first downloads once i get it. SC on dreamcast was da bomb. I was a beast with cassandra, maxi and kilik everyone else was just lame

green3895d ago

i taught you still owned one?

sonarus3895d ago

I do but because of school i borrowed it to a cousin to reduce my distractions lol. No RROD stories here. I will get it back just in time for NG2

SuicidalTendencies3895d ago

I must of missed this announcement yesterday. This is great news! I hope there are more Dreamcast games that follow. Project Justice & Marvel vs Capcom 2 please!

tplarkin73895d ago

Project Justice was a great fighter. I would like to see Power Stone and Shenmue.

Fishy Fingers3895d ago

Best Version in my opinion. Great news :)

green3895d ago

i said the same thing in the 1st article that announced the game on the 360 and i got like 8 disagrees

Marceles3895d ago

well you know who were invading those threads...but I agree, best version hands down

Charlie26883894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

@green: version of the game =/= sequel of the game

I can even quote you if you don't remember what you wrote

"Great news.The 1st and the still the best"

hardly anything to do with what Fishy Fingers posted, unless Fishy Fingers in confusing Version (Arcade/Console) with Sequel (1,2,3)

btw that one its not even the first one its technically the second one :)

GiantEnemyCrab3895d ago

YES! I love this game and even though I still play it on my original Dreamcast it will be nice to have it on the 360.

kewlkat0073895d ago

didn't that game get 9's?

Somebody stole that game, when I had it.

The difference is I still liked the Dreamcast's D-Pad than the Xbox 360's. It's a fn shame they cannot make a regular fn D-PAD. that's the only thing that holds me back from purchasing "fighters" on the 360.

beans3895d ago

Speaking of dpads I wonder if MS is ever going to revise the 360 controller and make it so it feels more comfortable.

Fallen_Angel3895d ago

ya the one bad thing about the 360 controller. Anyways this is still great news

I Call 9MM3895d ago

The one thing I can think of to improve the D-Pad on the 360 controller is to license some other company's design. It's not that Microsoft couldn't implement a better design themselves, it's that all the other companies own the patents and licenses to the better designs (case in point, Sony and Nintendo). The only real way that, in my honest opinion, that Microsoft could improve on their design is to license one of Sega's designs from them, or just plain go out and buy it from them. They are pretty much the only company out there that had decent and comfortable D-pads on their controllers. Only way to go, IMHO.

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The story is too old to be commented.