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Ben Wilson writes: Which technique you have access to depends on which God you choose to ally with before you begin. I chose Mars ('cause he's the freakin' god of war) which gave me additional attack damage and an area-effect move.

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MajorMayhem701754d ago

A few more weeks and I'll judge it for myself.

gamer11381754d ago

Of all launch titles on both platforms Ryse has been the most controversial. If it turns out "alright" I think it's something to be thankful for.

Godmars2901754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

I think that too much has been made of it in any real regard. That it wouldn't be getting half the attention it has if it weren't a launch title. With many forgetting that originally what made it high profile was that it was suppose to prove that Kinect could play a "hardcore" game.

Bigpappy1754d ago

Nah. It is because it is said to be the best looking launch title shown at any of the shows, by most in the press. That made it the favorite target of fanboys who think that praise should be going to one of Sony's exclusives to prove power.

That is what really happen. They are many other launch title that do no get near the level of attention.

nukeitall1754d ago

I don't know if the controversial really matter. It is more fangirl fodder than anything.

Kind of like CoD. Going by this site and other gaming sites, everybody hates it, but why does everyone buy it and play it year after year?

abusador1754d ago

"Why does everyone buy it" odd reference being that the game isn't out yet, isn't multi plat and isn't setting the pre order charts on fire. Everyone is not rushing to buy this game Lol.

Bolts1754d ago

This game is very Lair like, lots of flashy renders and epic cut scenes but there's something really by the numbers about the gameplay.

Even as a PS4 fan I'm following this game closely, because as we know, if Ryse pull it off then it will be copied endlessly.

If not...well, did I mentioned that this is Lair like yet?

Volkama1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

The 360 was launched way ahead of the PS3, and had picked up some real momentum with games like Mass Effect and Bioshock getting plaudits all round. At that time the fledgling PS3 was full of PR promise, and the full weight of that seemed to get pinned on Lair.

Ryse doesn't carry the same weight of expectation, as many people have already decreed that it will suck.

Lair also tried to show off the six-axis, and that killed it. Perhaps if Ryse was still a Kinect showpiece the comparison would be closer?

Oddly enough I was looking through my PS3 save files yesterday (to copy a couple as my blu-ray drive died) and I saw Lair on the list. I don't remember owning or playing it in my life, but sure enough I found the box tucked away on a shelf :|

nukeitall1754d ago


You are likely trolling me, but I will give you a proper response.

As I said, the controversies are unlikely to matter. Does the greatness of this game rest on 85k triangles instead of 150k? What about 900p instead of 1080p?

What about quick time events? Many games with quick time events are great experiences, let alone the fact that Ryse isn't really QTE.

Point being, the controversies don't matter elsewhere, but only here on n4g and select sites, just like how the CoD boycott was going on, and everybody ended up buying it and playing it!

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mhunterjr1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

The only reason this game is 'controversial' is because it was presented prior to the gameplay mechanics being finalized.

Crytech would have been better off to show a cutscene and a hud-less gameplay montage instead of a playthrough.

Of course, folks were out for Microsoft blood at the time (and still are), so the term 'work in progress' meant nothing to them.

It looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Ko_Uraki1754d ago

We need to see more about the single player

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