Sony Santa Monica Hiring for “Critical Project” and “Unannounced Title”

Many have been wondering what Sony Santa Monica has been up to, especially considering that no official game for the PS4 has been announced yet. Looks like the gears are grinding in sunny California, as the company is hiring for a couple position that reveal an upcoming unannounced game (or games) and apparently one of “critical” importance for the studio.

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Gamingcapacity1778d ago

Can't wait to see what these guys can do with the PS4!

Abriael1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Me too, even if I'll be honest. i'd like them to shelve Kratos for a bit and do something entirely new like Guerrilla is doing.

A billion disagrees coming in 3...2...1...

Eonjay1778d ago

Like Jello, there is always room for Kratos, but I would like this talented team to stretch their wings as well.

Jughead34161778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Shelve Kratos? I won't be cold hearted and give you a, but after the cliff hanger at the end of GOW3, that would be a bummer for me. There definitely was no definitive conclusion to the series. Then there was the teaser for a possible GOW game in Ascension. There were only 2 GOW games for PS3. Don't know why so many are fatigued by GOW. I would like to see them do something new also. Seems like all the major Sony devs are doing new things.

PoSTedUP1778d ago

s***tttttttt, sony is going all out! im kinda worried about them, have they been taking their medication? pure slaughter... : D

FungalPsychosis1778d ago

I thought it was already announced they are working on a new IP in collaboration with the Battlestar Glactica writer.

Xsilver1778d ago

I agree with @Abriael but then i also agree with @JUghead they have been a ton of GOW's but i never get tired seeing Kratos on his adventures But i also would wanna see something new from SM but that ending from GOW3 has me aching for another installment.

AnotherProGamer1778d ago


Bethesda designer and writer also joined Santa Monica

shoddy1778d ago

Yay more aaa games for us


They are requiring anatomy knowledge? It means more detailed body ripping and suave nudity.
Don't tell me it isn't GOW4.

xKugo1778d ago

Agreed, they should take some time away from Kratos and introduce something new. GG is doing something new and I would bet money Naughty Dog is working on PS4 premier title, same with Media Molecule. Give us something new!!

OrangePowerz1778d ago

I don`t think they should shelve God of War, but I would like to see it go to different areas like Norse gods or Egyptian gods. Who doesn`t want to rip Lokis head off? :)

TalonJH1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Agree, I'm kind of tired of God of War and I was late to the party.I hadn't played them til the HD collection.

That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing what they can do with a Next Gen GOW.

hazeblaze1778d ago

It has already been announced that they're doing something new... Even more exciting is the fact that the lead writer from Battle Star Galactica is working on this new project! I expect it to be epic!!!

FamilyGuy1778d ago

What new thing is Guerrilla doing?

wsoutlaw871778d ago

GOW is one of my favorite series of all time so I couldn't handle no more GOW for a while. However devs always seem to have very little innovation when making sequels and new IPs are always nice. Im happy we got the last of us instead of a new UC. Santa Monica wont disappoint though.

pyramidshead1778d ago

shelving Kratos is a smart move. I can't really figure out who he'd have to kill after GOW3 lol

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hazeblaze1778d ago

It's going to be something fresh and epic!!! IF they started working on it this year, hopefully we'll see a teaser at E3!

PositiveEmotions1778d ago

I would like to see a gow for ps4 :)

RBlue_Desire1778d ago

Yes, but maybe later. Maybe after the SSM gets to know the ps4 hardware much better.
I would like them to do a New IP.
Then GOW with alot of polishing.

PositiveEmotions1778d ago

They did do a new Ip i think its order 1886 or something like that

ABeastNamedTariq1778d ago

Ready at Dawn is mainly developing The Order. I believe SSM is assisting, but TO is RAD's game.

bjmartynhak1778d ago

And the project from Cory Balrog is on!

Soon we can see what Stig Asmussen is up to

ohboy1778d ago

Be ready for GOD OF WAR IV !

Ezz20131778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

i'm not worthy or ready to see it yet on ps4

those guys are from another world
they will blow us away

iDadio1778d ago

Some of the scenes from GoW3 made me shiver (Poseidons eyes among others) but found it to be one of my favorite games of the generation.

But saying that I'd be equally excited about a new GoW or something new.

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