GTA Online’s Character Creation is Mind-Bogglingly Bad

CraveOnline: "Today marks the launch of GTA Online. While you'd think that'd mean a return to the excitement levels of when you first started your story mode adventure, it isn't as perfect as you might hope."

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GarrusVakarian1697d ago

I agree. For a company that does so many things right, its baffling how they managed to make character creation so bad.

JonnyBigBoss1697d ago

Thank goodness it isn't the other way around—character creation being good and GTA Online being bad.

OhReginald1697d ago

how do you figure? has anyone even been able to play gta online? I have been trying to log on every hour since 12 hours ago....

shoddy1697d ago

I can't log on either but the characters creation is ugly.

minimur121697d ago

My character is butt ugly :( I didn't know how tochange it thoguh

Reverent1697d ago

I'd rather it have a terrible character creator and really awesome gameplay, than be like.. APB Reloaded. Amazing character creator, mediocre/crap gameplay.

Dee_911697d ago

Randomizing is the key to a somewhat alright looking character.I don't understand why the dreads are grey though...Also I managed to get black face white arms lol

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TomShoe1697d ago

I will give them credit for at least trying something different. That said, the end result wasn't that great.

-Foxtrot1697d ago

The customization options in GTA are never really that great in my opinion. From clothes right down to the car customization. I don't know why they don't have places to customize your planes, boats and bikes...or allow us to have Nitro on them.

I don't see why they just didn't got with the easier approach where you can do things your self with your character then have pre set options...and they do feel like pre sets in my opinion. It's hard to make someone resemble you when the options are like this.

LAWSON721697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Bikes can be customized at the same place as cars.

Edit: Oh... You might be talking about actual bikes if so why? Do you really think a tricked out bike would really be a great addition.

-Foxtrot1697d ago

"Do you really think a tricked out bike would really be a great addition." it with a small motor to give it a speed boost, give is a bigger bunny hop, better suspension, better tires for off road etc

The more options the better

HammadTheBeast1697d ago

I thought the random templates were fine, but it sucks that you can't actually change certain features.

Oh well, that's the least of my worries, people usually only see clothes.

So far, haven't gotten into a single server.

Jughead34161697d ago

Yea it was bad. The game is so fun that it's almost not even a big deal at all though. I haven't been able to play online yet though. The servers were too stressed I think.

Korezo1697d ago

I think they had to restrict it because the systems probably didn't have enough memory for a more robust character system to be added. This game is huge with tons of detail, something had to give.

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kupomogli1697d ago


Yeah, but I also wouldn't call GTA5 "awesome gameplay." It's good, but there are open world games that have better gameplay.

Aside from the story and driving, everything about the Saboteur is better, and aside from the world map, everything about Scarface the World is Yours is better when it comes to gameplay.

It's a good game, but GTA5 should be a lot better game when you compare its time of release and games that have been released that have done things better.

ZBlacktt1696d ago

Like some of us have been saying for some time now. Come Nov 15 ( here in the states ), this game will be a ghost town. Broken online, now this? The single player was ruined the day it came out with leaks, hacks, glitches.

Hype train.....

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iamnsuperman1697d ago

I completely agree with this. It is seriously bad. I am not sure why they didn't go with what everyone else does (i.e. change an aspect of the face and body). Mine kept making essentially the same guy with different skin tones or face fatness (later to due with sex genetic choice more than anything). Looks like (when GTA online finally works) we will be inhabiting a world full of very ugly people looking slightly similar to each other

ThatCanadianGuy5141697d ago

Worst character creation i have ever seen in a game.By a longshot too.

Why R* Why?

ZBlacktt1696d ago

Hype train.

Nov 15th is will be all better!

dbjj120881697d ago

You can make some ugly, ugly people.

JonnyBigBoss1697d ago

My guy is uglier than sin.

Audiggity1697d ago

@ Zod18 - That was hilarious.

XboxFun1697d ago

This is where micro transactions will come in. ;-)

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