Watch Dogs Interview: What Kind of Vigilante Do You Want To Be?

The Average Gamer interviewed Creative Director Jonathan Morin about the open world, his favourite skills and choices within the game.

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NightStalker331778d ago

This is what I love about Watch_Dogs that I love in other games that have a moral system like Fallout. I can be the jerk that does what it takes to do my objective, or be the poor sap that works to keep others out of harms way. Or maybe a mix, where those that help you support, and those that even try to do hurt you, you show no mercy and take them out.

Beautiful game, can't wait.

1778d ago
CocoWolfie1778d ago

I just want a vibrant and living city :) with that, ill do my best to protect it ..sometimes :')

PeaSFor1778d ago

i will be a dangerous sociopath

XboxFun1778d ago

The kind that strikes fear in the hearts of the cowardly and superstitious criminal underworld.

theXtReMe11778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

This game is going to be a blast. What I would love to know is how many buildings are open for the player to wander into and around? Can we go anywhere? If we can hack the way they say we can, then couldn't the player hack into police files to eliminate any records of his existence and couldn't the player hack into TV stations to keep broadcasts from going out about them?

The hacking thing opens up so many gameplay possibilities, but also opens up a ton of stuff for the developers to miss, in doing so. There has to be a reason why players can and cant do pretty much everything. If we can't hack into police computers, why? I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, because there has to be a counterbalance in every action the player can and can't do. In an open world game, that's a tall order.

I cannot wait to play this game, I hope it is everything and more the developers have talked about. I just really want to be able to walk into a mall and walk around the mall and do fun things via hacking, the same thing goes for pretty much any building in the game. Also, if we can buy guns and weapons in the game, can we craft them from items on the street. Can we pick up a leadpipe off the street and use it in combat? Or do we have to buy everything? Can we just shoot out every camera in the game, on the street, so nobody can see anything? Do we have our own homebase in the game, can we buy and own property? Can we upgrade that property? And, the biggest question of all, how persistent is the world? If we do something five minutes after the game starts... 40 hours later, will it still be the way we left it... Or will it switch back to its original state, 10 seconds after we turn around?

I would love to be able to do my own question and answer session with the developer.

reko1778d ago

i will be the one destroying cars and more.

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