Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – 70 New Images

8 character arts and 62 screenshots from the latest Dragon Ball Z game.

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tayz1749d ago

that spirit bomb is deadly! i read somewhere it's a 1 hit KO

DarkBlood1748d ago

well its suppose to be deadly lol it is a bomb after all :P

ShAkKa1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Game images are so last gen.

Reminds me of how anxiously I waited for my monthly magazines to arrive.

Treian1748d ago

maybe because the game is being released only on the ps3, 360, and vita >_>

o2a11748d ago

if you guys watched the trailer for this game, you will get a huge lol out of it

o2a11748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

why all the disagrees? I was talking about the announcers "enthusiasm", not the gameplay, I love DBZ games, in fact if you think this game is going to be great, check out the Half-Life mod, it has been in development for more than 6 years now!

KingOdin891748d ago

Haha.. Yea i watched that when they first posted it.. I was hoping i wasnt the only one laughing at the announcer..

Mr_InterNational1748d ago

Why do they keep releasing more of same DBZ game?!? We already know the story and i actually thought Dragon Ball Z HD Collection was going to be the last game. That game was a disappointment because it didn't have no online.

SaulGoodman1748d ago

Every new DBZ game is a slight update on the last version. They dont want to make a prefect DBZ game because no one would buy another after that. I stopped buying them after raging blast 2 because thats as good as it gets besides ultimate tenkaichi 3. Its a miracle when they get it right.