Kotaku - Grand Theft Auto Online Makes A Superb Second Impression

Kotaku: "I gave Grand Theft Auto Online a chance to make a second impression this morning by spamming on the "retry" button. I had to. The first impression at 7am wasn't so hot. Server woes and all that."

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1819d ago
GentlemenRUs1819d ago


I've been locked out of Online because of that stupid "Failed to join job or activity" glitch on the PS3...

Kotaku spewing crap again...

pompombrum1819d ago

GTA Online is fun but the cost of death ruins it for me personally. In the open world sure, stick it high and encourage people to survive at all costs but costing money per death in the competitive modes? I played and won a game of Crooked Cops.. really really fun but it cost me 3k while only paying 2k. I can't help but think Rockstar are almost encouraging people to buy ingame money with such high death costs.

Lord_Sloth1819d ago

Ouch...So what happens when you don't have enough to pay?

Raccoon1819d ago

The bank loans you the money.