GameInformer- Grand Theft Auto Online Impressions

For over a decade, players have indiscriminately wreaked havoc on the general populaces of Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas. In these crime-ridden territories, non-player characters are daily victims of car hijackings, stray bullets, hit-and-runs, sucker punches, and rampages. In Grand Theft Auto Online, it's your turn to be subject to that same wanton brutality.

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HebrewHammer1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

I've only made it as far as the character customization - and that hereditary system is atrocious.

Why not just let players make the character they want? As opposed to navigating through four characters that you can't even see because their profile is too small to inspect.

The Last of Us - Game of the Year.

Sorry Rockstar, but this launch is putting a bad taste in my mouth. You should have anticipated the traffic. This shouldn't have been an issue.

1749d ago
cell9891748d ago

Im gonna have to give you a bubble

LordDhampire1748d ago

while i would of liked a character custimization I don't mind the grandparent thing to much, but yeah the game is awesome, its a grand theft auto but yeah The last of us is game of the year over this

lobocob1748d ago

character creation isn't as good as it could be. TOTAL FAILURE. I WILL NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN!

jessupj1748d ago

I just kept hitting the random button for 15 mins until it finally created a character that I could look at and not throw up.

Mainsqueeze1748d ago

Oh no character creation sucks in the mp portion of an otherwise once in a generation game!

The Last of Us-Game of the Year...not

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