The Worst Things EA Could do to GTA

Not long ago gamers everywhere were put into a state of panic when everyone's favorite analyst, Michael Patcher, suggested that if EA were to acquire Take 2 it would be in their best interests to delay GTA IV. While gamers were able to get through the first delay of GTA IV given the slew of holiday titles to blissfully pass the time with, a delay through the summer draught of gaming would leave a very dry taste of fear in everyone's mouth. Of course since GTA's release is so close a delay is comfortably impossible, as the title has already gone gold, but if EA were to get control of Take 2 and the Grand Theft Auto Franchise, a postponement of the most recent title could only be the short term repercussions. TGR has compiled a comprehensive and pessimistic list of the worst things that could happen to our most beloved, and Washington's most hated game franchise. If Patcher's words already have you scared, then you better not read on, as these paranoid machinations may induce nightmares.

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Erasmus3809d ago

the FTC's interest in EA's bid for take 2 has been pretty interesting.

thegamereviews3809d ago

Well thought out and insightful as well.

crunchie1013809d ago

EA Trax, more than anything in previous GTAs, would turn me into a carjacking, hooker beatin' psychopath

DomUltra3809d ago

EA might be the red-headed bastard child of gaming culture, but one thing they nail every single time is EA Trax, they know there demographic and they go full speed for it, they always get new, catchy, vibrant, talented artists to include there songs on EA Trax.

Whoooop3809d ago

and to think I used to be an EA junkie.

Hi my name is Whoooop and I used to be addicted to EA. Thanks to other hard-working developers I overcame it..


Anybody else want to share???

mintaro3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

and i have been EA free for 3 years. Since then ive been happier, seen more vitality in life and have a better sex drive. I dont want to go back to playing crappy re-itirrations and i hope to continue my streak.

That is my story

Whoooop3809d ago

I'm proud of you buddy... Thanks for sharing..

Anybody else???

Megaton3809d ago

I had been EA free since they canned Thrill Kill, but I relapsed on Need for Speed: Underground 2. I've been clean for a few years since then...

IntelligentAj3809d ago

Hi, my name is Aj and I used to be addicted to EA. Since they have a stranglehold on my favorite sport I still have to buy their games but only Madden. Every other franchise by EA has been cut out of my life.

neonchez3809d ago

and i was EA free for years until SKATE. i've been EA free since but i have a feeling i'm going to relapse again when SKATE2 is released.

Rob4Vendetta3809d ago

I've been EA free since I figured out madden was the same sh!t every year and they were stealing $60 from my pocket, the last EA related product I own was the Orange Box, but I like to think of it as a valve's game so I can sleep at night. I hopefully will continiue to be EA free for the future.

replikka3809d ago

i used to be an EA junkie too. (hiiiiiiiiii replikka). i used to love fifa but ever since pro evolution soccer came out. i realized how lazy the guys at EA were for real. then i started to find faults with every EA game. the latest was Army of Poo. i despise EA too. all the way from jamaica. EA is hated all over

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