IGN Live Presents: Battlefield 4 Multiplayer

IGN: "We play the Battlefield 4 beta and then we dive into our first taste of GTA Online!"

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MooseWI1693d ago

Wish I could play.. CPU is getting hammered causing FPS drops. Like in the 10's every 5 seconds.. i5 3750k and a GTX 670..

iistuii1693d ago

Me too. i5 & GTX 680. I'm thinking its an old build if release only weeks away. Beta i know, but a lot of folks are moaning its not really playable.

1693d ago
Feralkitsune1693d ago

Mine lagged like crazy while using the Beta driver, then someone suggested I get the Nvidia 320.49 drivers, and now it runs like a charm. Test them and see if they work for you.

iistuii1692d ago

Yeah, thanks works ok now. Very strange how a beta driver brought out for the game is not as good as a roll back x2, but never mind.

venom061693d ago

good lord... IGN, the uber "lover of everything CoD related" fanboy website is the WRONG site to be livestreaming this beta... please take anything they say about it with a VERY small grain of salt..

Einhert1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

The beta is pure dump, never seen a more unoptimised game for CPUs and the "beta" excuse doesn't cut it when they are about to go gold soon.

Feralkitsune1693d ago

Betas are usually old builds of the game. This one doesn't even have all the features in it.