Mario and Luigi Wii MotionPlus Remotes Coming November

Nintendo revealed two all-new Wii MotionPlus remotes that will feature our two favorite gaming characters of all time- Mario and Luigi. The controllers will be released in the United States on November 1st and in Europe on November 8th. There are no pre-orders up for these controllers just yet however they are expected to be priced at around $39.99 a piece. The front of

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DarkBlood1815d ago

oh god i want these lol

Smashbro291814d ago

I actually do need more of the Wii Motion Plus controllers, only got the Zelda one.

Hillyhill1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Tada! who said Ninty wouldn't compete with ps4 and xbone launches in November? Bam! Ninty strikes back with these red hot wiimotes! Damn!! This will surely pick up sales for wii u to catch fire this year!!! Ninty is even pushing back the European launch of these bad boys to keep up stock for the U.S. for the first week they release em. Better go pre order both now before they are all sold out!

Knushwood Butt1814d ago

Yeah, Nintendo rolling out the big guns now.

Neonridr1814d ago

lol, I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humour there. But the funny thing is, these will probably sell pretty well. The Zelda one sold incredibly well and fetches a high price on ebay if you want one of them.

I already have a White, Black, Blue and Gold Zelda Wii MotionPlus remote so do I really need 2 more for a total of 6? LOL, probably.