The Legendary Michael Jordan Speaks Out in a Candid Interview to Celebrate the Launch of NBA 2K14

The legendary basketball player Michael Jordan speaks out in a special interview to celebrate the launch of NBA 2K14 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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King-Prodigy-X1754d ago

LOL!!! "You had to pay the price."

1754d ago
WeAreLegion1754d ago

When he left (The second time), I stopped caring about basketball.

Z5011754d ago

Same here (somewhat) til Iverson's MVP year & D.Rose MVP year.

QuantumWake1754d ago

I don't think there are many players that could take Jordan 1v1. I mean we're talking about one of the best iso players ever. Who has the shooting ability of a God, and an impressive post-up game.

Jordan has the killer mentality that only a few can replicate. Kobe is as close as it gets. I'm glad they showed Jordan against the Piston bad boys though, now that is tough. Not that flopping crap that happens today.

ohboy1754d ago

So true players now are soft and cry baby's KOBE is the greatest competitor since MJ

Minute Man 7211754d ago

Keep living in the past people, today's game is faster than when Jordan played

synistatha11754d ago

And the reason for that is everything he said it was way more physical back in the 80's and 90's you could practically get away with murder back then.

Minute Man 7211754d ago

You mean dirty players? Because if it was really that physical we wouldn't have that many highlights of MJ dunking

iceman061754d ago

So is just about every other major sport! Why??? Because rules were made to make the games flow much faster and for scores to be higher. Look at hockey for a prime example of this. The physicality of the game in the 80's and 90's slowed everything down. There was hand and body checking, there was more physical screens being set, there was definitely a no fly zone and anybody that went to the rim would have to pay a price. Now, someone goes to the hole and the lane parts like the Red Sea. Jordan set the prototype for a player to extend his career in the NBA. You can't jump out of the gym forever. But, if you develop an well-rounded game, it's hard to stop.

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