An RPG For Me Please

This generation of consoles have offered us a myriad of new experiences via gameplay and improved graphical presentations. The PS3 has a great amount of titles to offer, but is currently missing something that PS2 and PS One offered in abundance. What am I talking about? RPGs. With big name titles such as Final Fantasy XIII and White Knight Story coming down the line, there is currently a void left to be filled. Sony could improve the current content offered on the Playstation Store through introducing more of the classic RPGs.

RPGs would substantially improve the lack of content. Something that everyone wants. Which RPGs would you like to see on the PS Store?

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chaosatom3333867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

FF7, no doubt, no question, no arguing.

xenogears was fun too.

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Nagthragarthoth3867d ago

I want some bloody hacky and slash... With thousands of weapons and armor upgrades. Come on Wizards of the Coast get someone to give a true Champions of Norrath.

Palodios3867d ago

I personally thought Champions of Norrath was pretty decent. There was a pretty large variety of weaponry, wasn't there?

Palodios3867d ago

So MANY rpgs that need to pop up again. I feel like we see certain games, mostly snes era, redone all the time, but ps1 era needs some love. PS1 was definitely my personal favorite console for rpgs. If you're going to remake games for handhelds, do it for consoles too, because a lot of us don't have a practical use for a handheld.

Chrono Cross, Suikodens, Star Ocean, Saga Frontier, Legend of Mana, Lunar, Ogre Battle Series, Xenogears, Vanguard Bandits... my list goes on and on, and yet all we've seen so far is Wild Arms, which is good, but I have the original AND the remake, so it makes little difference to me.

kewlkat0073867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

I think they will come around but it has not been their weakness, like it has been for MS and it's Japanese culture battle. Yeah some are waiting for FF13 but then what?

The 360 has gotten some new franchises under it's belt. I'm close to beating Lost Odyssey and infinite discovery might be next, then Last remenant and Fable...360 has got me covered so I'm patient with the PS3 and the lack of W/Jrpgs.

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