High-End Overclocking Gaming PC Build for Battlefield 4

GamersNexus: "This guide shows you how to build an $1143 high-end gaming PC for Battlefield 4, complete with overclocking support and hardware that takes advantage of BF4's proprietary visual FX. Before jumping into the PC build list, let's cover Battlefield 4's system spec requirements and recommended specs."

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Edvin19841813d ago

I have a a decent PC, but after playing the Beta last night I thought to my self why bother with this. What I mean by that I really can't sit for extended hours in front a monitor as my back kills me after a little while. Plus I have a nice 65" TV in the living room.

PC Spec's
i5 2500k @4.8ghz
16gb DDR3 @2133mhz
GTX 660Ti 2gn Core1175/6800memory

So my system is very capable, but I am more or less over the visual superiority to be honest. I dunno maybe I am just a grumpy fart who knows.

Coach_McGuirk1813d ago

Thanks for the testimony. What does it have to do with the article, though? Rant about your bad back?

Stuntz1813d ago

That is what people dont seem to understand with PC gaming. The X1 is 500 the PS4 is 400, do you see a difference? This PC they are talking about is over 1100 bucks, quite a difference. If i was paying more then double for the consoles i better be getting the graphics you all brag about, most console players play them because the experience we get from the console. Yes the PC graphics are better but lets be serious here the price is much higher.

Jovanian 1813d ago

The price is higher because you are buying a device that does more than just play video games. It is a work device, it is a device for software, it is a device to browse the internet

And the initial price is higher but you fail to account for the price of console gaming over the course of the console generation. You fail to consider paying for online, the price of upgrading to a slim version or a version with better memory or paying to replace your broken version. You fail to account for more expensive games on console. You fail to consider the fact that if you only purchase a console, you will also need to purchase a computer of some sort just to keep up with daily society.

Dude4201813d ago

I'm sorry to say, but you don't seem to understand PC's in general. PC's can do much, much more than just playing games. PCs can be used for creating documents, photoshops, easier internet navigation, making videos, etc... etc...

As for playing games, you can also download emulators and play all the old games you used to play. You can download mods of games if you want to screw around or even create your own scenario if the developer gives you the tools. There's also more, and all of that with the fact that you can play your games with much better graphics and a smoother framerate.

Oh yeah and don't forget that since PC is heavy on digital distribution, newer games tend to get much cheaper than the console versions. That is what you're getting with $1100.

FragMnTagM1813d ago

You do not need an 1100 dollar machine to to max this game @ 1080p.

If you want to go above 1080p, then you might need something pushing 1100 or more.

I maxed BF4, with a smooth framerate (60fps+), with an i5, and a 660ti (3gb).