Why gamers risk big bucks on special editions for new franchises

Whatever you call them — special, limited, elite, premium — the “game that comes with other stuff” is here to stay. Increasingly, developers and publishers are asking players the following question: “Why just buy a game when you can buy a game, a soundtrack, a statue, a shirt, a keychain, and some stickers, all inside of a special box you can’t get anywhere else?” And recently, they’re even offering superfan editions for new franchises that can’t possibly have superfans yet.

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wita1814d ago

Figurines are cool. ACTION FIGURES.

1814d ago
Sadie21001814d ago

I want that Ni No Kuni Drippy doll!

ohboy1814d ago

Limited's editions are awesome they are an extension of the game and make your experience of the game much more fun ! =}

-Foxtrot1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Every Collectors edition buy is a gamble in my opinion, you never know if the games will be good or not for starters, then you have to take into account if people will actually buy them. If you buy it straight away for full price then you might find after release the dev have made too many so they are going on the cheap like Skyrim for example OR they could be well sought after and go out of stock straight away with people selling them for high prices like Ni No Kuni or recently GTAV.

It's hard to do whats right in my opinion.

The thing I hate though is what Ubisoft does, they have collectors editions like this but the limited edition the one below the high edition has different stuff in it. The whole point of a high price edition from the limited one is so you upgrade the package and get more stuff included. Why in the Dedsec edition for Watchdogs do you not get Aidan's hat and face mask from the limited one.

I think though every edition now days should include a steelbook and a special DLC code for ALL the DLC for the game present (pre order stuff) and future (season pass)

level 3601814d ago

Depends on how highly collectible any *solid ( figurine, clothing, booklet and such ) item included with the game disc will become very highly desirable in the future.

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