Battlefield 4 Beta: M82 Anti-material Rifle Location Discovered

Here is something special for gamers who are enjoying their time in Battlefield 4 beta, a location where you guys can find out the deadly "M82 anti-material rifle".

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CaptCalvin1781d ago

Why would the M82 have less bullet drop? If anything it should have more...

duplissi1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

In a vacuum a feather and bowling ball fall at the same speed. so your logic is flawed. What would give it less bullet drop is the massive payload powering it. to put simply compared to say 5.56 round or 7.62 round the bullets technically fall at the same speed, however it takes less time for a m82 (.50c) round to reach its target so the perceived bullet drop is less.

CaptCalvin1780d ago

Oh haha. I didn't take into account the higher power a bigger round would get. Been playing around with airguns too much.

dcj05241781d ago

That sh!t is from the future bro.