Rain (PS3/PSN) Review – A Downloadable Title that Gives You an Excuse to Stay Inside | C.O.G.

COG’s newest contributor Rahnir spends some time with Sony’s “Rain” and tells us all about it.

"I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the e-mail assigning me review duties for Sony’s upcoming Rain. It was pouring outside when I read it. Tis’ the time of year for this type of weather I suppose. Luckily, I love the rain. Although miserable, this type of weather has a certain cozy charm to it. Not a single soul I know hasn’t enjoyed a day indoors away from the damp grossness outside. Anyhow, I have to admit that in regards to Rain for the PS3, I paid little attention to it prior to being assigned to review it. Well, after playing I am left with the thought that if there was a time to scream “I told you so” to my face, now would be it. This game is wonderful."

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Goro1630d ago

This game looks pretty awesome but i forgot all about it with GTAO & BF4 Beta today.

Inception1630d ago

It's beautifull and a breath of fresh air after playing GTA V for twenty hours+