Japan Getting Puppeteer PS3 Bundle Just in Time for the Holidays

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia announced today that it will release a bundle including a 250 GB PS3 and a physical Blu-ray version of SCE Japan Studios’ Puppeteer.

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abzdine1721d ago

this game is amazing, too bad sony suck at marketing! feels like they dont care about moving copies of new refreshing games like Puppeteer, Beyond, Tearaway and many others.

Abriael1721d ago

from what I saw they maketed puppeteer quite heavily at least in Japan, but it's just not the kind of game that has a super-wide appeal.

President1721d ago

I dont think they marketed that game at all. Its just the kind of game Japan wants, a nice colorful 2D platformer, who doesn't like that?

rambi801721d ago

Thats exactly what they want...on a handheld

FamilyGuy1721d ago

The box itself looks pretty cool, seeing that different colored PS3 box will catch attention on its own.

This game really should've launch on PS4, very original and attractive for a lower priced title.
Puppeteer and Dragon's Crown were surprising titles to come out at a lower cost this year.

rambi801721d ago

To be fair, the people who are likely to buy such games dont need adverts

Ddouble1721d ago

You can bet Beyond will have good marketing with Willem Defoe and Ellen Page.

Puppeteer is a small title so it's marketing budget will never have been big but it's something they can push with bundles over the holidays as a low key seller like Sly Cooper.

I have a feeling Tearaway might do well since it's being sold at £20. There were a lot of positive reactions from Eurogamer expo but PS4 will probably overshadow it.

miyamoto1721d ago

Sony should have marketed Puppeteer like Sega marketed Sonic back it the day.
Because this game is a totally original & creative platformer.

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IcicleTrepan1721d ago

This game was very fun and unique.

TomahawkX1721d ago

PS3s still aren't packed with HDMI cables? lol.

Mr-SellJack1721d ago

They've done well sir plus it isn't what most people would buy sadly...It released near GTAV aswell..what on earth r u smoking?Beyond is marketed a lot!They're doing their best with Tearaway

P_Bomb1721d ago

I really enjoyed my playthrough. Top notch production values for a budget title. Gorgeous, original, great boss fights, varied environments and gameplay, good audio. Methinks it woulda sold truckloads more as a PS4 launch title. Quite shocked the Japanese market didn't support this, while One Piece Pirate Warriors stuff sells a million.