GTA Online Causing Problems in Single Player

While most of the offline functions of GTA V will work as they should, anything at all influenced by Rockstar's servers is either down or not working at full capacity, and, as anybody who enjoys everything the game has to offer will now tell you, there are more online functions than you might expect.

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Pintheshadows1698d ago

As I couldn't get online at all today I decided to play something else with 5 in the title.

Namely Civ 5 BNW. I blame R* entirely for my addiction flaring up again and i'll expect them to cover any rehab fees I may incur as a result.

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ironfist921698d ago

So what about those who have no intention of playing the online portion, does it still affect SP?

wastedcells1698d ago

Played single player all day trying to get 100%. It saves your progress no problem but the rockstar social network isn't updating at all as you complete missions.