Entertainment Software Association Promotes Ethics-Based Gaming

GR: "Following the 2013 Games for Change Festival, the Entertainment Software Association (the video game industry's biggest lobbying group) is promoting two games that challenge players with ethical questions in an effort to broaden a player's sense of right and wrong."

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ftwrthtx1781d ago

Doesn't GTA V have enough ethical questions for everybody? :-)

acharlez1781d ago

Yes. Yes it does. And then some.

1781d ago
knifefight1781d ago

Questions...and answers!

insertcoin1781d ago

Any game that explores ethics and choice is well worth it.

rextraordinaire1781d ago

Shadow of the Colossus. If one game makes one question right and wrong, it's that one.

Mutant-Spud1781d ago

So it's been proven over and over that violent games don't influence people's behaviour but somehow non violent or "ethical" games are going to be able to change the way players think?
The other point to be made is that companies like Rockstar are making games which are value neutral, they're not trying to influence anyone's sense of what's right or wrong, in my view makers of "ethical" games would be doing the exact thing that detractors of gaming accuse developers of doing ie irresponsibly trying to manipulate people.