Fan Builds (Another) Mega Man-Themed Backlit NES

PlatinumFungi, the fan who created a Mega Man-themed NES back in May, has made yet another, this time with an airbrush artist. This latest creation has more of an artistic style, unlike the 8-bit rendition of his previous NES, and features Mega Man blasting forward. The NES is backlit so that the blaster lights up in the dark. Truly a unique way to play games on the NES.

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Pancit_Canton1753d ago

The smoke effect ruined the theme. Meh!!

syne491753d ago

Yeah well, that's just, like your opinion man.

XboxFun1753d ago

+Bubbles for the Labowski reference.

ATi_Elite1753d ago

wow how come Nintendo never thought of this.

200 million units sold ALL white/GREY