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By Jason Dulin, writer for TechRaptor

We all have seen the reviews of the story portion of GTA:5, and they have been stellar. My thoughts are also on the same page as I think it’s a fantastic game and a great way for the series to finish up on within this current console cycle. Great graphics, great gameplay, and a massive amount of things to do within Los Santos. It’s truly an epic experience within the sandbox style of play that GTA has been known for since the Playstation 2 days. What I wasn’t necessarily expecting, was the initial release of GTA: Online to be the complete opposite.

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Pintheshadows1694d ago

'What I wasn’t necessarily expecting, was the initial release of GTA: Online to be the complete opposite'.

Really? After 15 million sales, no way to stress test that many potential players, and warnings from the developers themselves that the launch could be problematic you were not expecting it.

I'm hugely disappointed I couldn't get on past creating my character but I wasn't really expecting much better. R* should have had it ready but it isn't like this is the first time something like this has happened.

TechRaptor1694d ago

Pin, R* had been stress testing this through their closed beta for months. It's very naive of them to think they wouldn't have millions of users want to get online and play this mode. I think they poorly planned this initial launch, which btw, was delayed 2 weeks after the actual release of the game itself. I understand server issues and disconnects when a game first comes out, but to experience what you and I both have so far, that's inexcusable. I don't remember another game that was completely unplayable out of the gates like this. Thanks for your comments and keeping it civil.


Pintheshadows1694d ago

Two weeks was never enough to get this ready.

And I want to make this very clear, YOU CANNOT STRESS TEST FOR 15 MILLION PLAYERS. There is no feasible way to do that and there is not a gaming company on Earth that can. It is a sink or swim situation and in this case R* have sunk. It happens. Have you never played an MMO on launch day? Not even Blizzard gets it right.

TechRaptor1694d ago

VGChartz has GTA V listed as selling 8.8 million copies on 360 and about the same number on PS3, at 8.6 million. These titles do NOT use the same servers on both consoles. So your figure of 15 million is way off Pin.

For comparison, CoD Modern Warfare 3 sold over 7 million copies in its first week on 360. Were there some problems? Yes, but not to the point of the game not even working.


Pintheshadows1694d ago

Hahaha. VGChartz. Even so TechRaptor are you still trying to claim it is possible to stress test for 7 million users?

Are you also attempting to compare a map based, 3rd iteration, competitive FPS to a gigantic, persistent open world in a form of multiplayer that R* has never attempted before, and is almost a confined MMO in its scope?

If you are then I have nothing left to say to you.

Mr_Butata1694d ago

Ahahaha You are so cute comparing GTA Online (a 100% brand new concept) with a game that is out every year! xD

Plus, dont even get me started on the complexity of GTA Online VS MW3... GTA Obviously needs more powerfull machines.

creized11694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Leave them bro, they dont understand, all of a sudden everyone that owns GTA thinks they are devs and trying to teach R* how to do their job.

All i hear "they should have more servers" point is, the capacity aint the problem. its that everyone logged in at the same time so the servers crashed.

nolifeking1694d ago

What was the point of delaying the online portion 2 weeks if the issues still ended up being this severe? As much as everyone wants to say this should be expected, it shouldn't be this bad. I wonder what the outcome would have been with a parallel release.

creized11694d ago

Agreed, it should have been expected, R* said it days before this happened.
Why they delayed it? Maybe they were thinkin if they leave it a bit less might join at a time or something like that. Or they were adding some things to Online that they weren't finish doing

Fasttrack761694d ago

All I'm going to say is I expected a lot more from r*