Battlefield 4 Beta On 3 Monitors 6040x1080p

HardwarePal : The team goes one step further and tests the new BF4 Open Beta on three monitors pumping those pixels to the max.

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WorldGamer1813d ago

Hmmm..... seems cool. Strikes me as more of a novelty than anything that would enhance gameplay tho. Maybe I'm wrong. Can't wait for this game either way.

Pandamobile1813d ago

Increased FOV and having peripheral vision is quite handy in a game like BF4.

1813d ago
irokster1813d ago

pretty dumb if you ask me...

Letros1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

It's only dumb cuz you can't do it ;-)

Bluepowerzz1813d ago

no its dumb becuase its not needed only stupid non esports players who go for 100 inch tvs would want this

Bolts1813d ago

Not impressed. At the AMD press event they had Dirt 3 running at 12K 60 FPS.

EL Lanf1813d ago

Dodgy footage of a naked guy playing BF4. No thanks. I mean how are you supposed to show off how good it looks across 3 monitors via a camcorder? It's like the adverts that show off how awesome a TV plays. The fabulous TV is only going to look as good as the TV the advert is played on.

africanos231813d ago

Yeap thats the truth, will do a better one with some recording software at ultra settings. Thanks for the headsup El lanf.

theXtReMe11813d ago

Oh come on, anyone would have to admit this is cool. I game exclusively on consoles, but admit myself that this is very cool. Just the field of view alone would be worth it. If I could connect 3 PS4s together to do this, I would. Can you imagine 3 60" TVs connected together, to do this? It would be amazing.

EL Lanf1813d ago

As nice as it is, it's not particularly new or BF4 exclusive. It's also possible to have a 6 monitor set-up. It'd be pretty insane doing that with 4K monitors. You need about 3 titans or whatever future top-of-the-range card is to do it though,

Feralkitsune1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

A single Titan at this point is struggling to run the BF4 Beta on Ultra at 1080p. 4K would be impossible right now. For a single monitor.

EL Lanf1813d ago

My point was more how insane the requirements would be not whether it's actually currently possible. It was a slightly off topic offshoot of what WOULD be impressive. Whilst running 3 monitors requires a lot of grunt, it's not a particularly impressive feat to see someone do.

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The story is too old to be commented.