Games Radar: The World Ends With You Review

The World Ends With You is an amazing marriage of style and gameplay. The dual screen combat further stretches what the DS can achieve in gaming that is far from a lame gimmick. Games Radar haven't played an RPG in quite a while that is not only engaging, but actually brings something fresh to the genre. Hell, they just want to see another World Ends soon. DS sequel? A Wii adventure using the Nunchuck and remote to handle two different characters? With so much innovation and style, you won't be sorry.

You'll love:
- Dual screen combat
- Engrossing story
- Graffiti aesthetic

You'll hate:
- Can get too chatty
- Repeating J-pop tunes
- Complicated enough?

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PS360WII3867d ago

yeah seems like this is a pretty solid game and what j-rpg doesn't have a lot of chat?