Can Need for Speed Go Back to Underground Racing?

Reminiscing an old generation of Need for Speed and hopes for the future.

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GarrusVakarian1628d ago

I hope so.

Need for speed underground 3 made properly would be awesome.

ironfist921628d ago

Night time racing, neon streaks, fully customization, wining races actually meant something, and spending your hard earned cash on cars which is satisfying.

But of course EA would rather make rivals and a freaking movie...

Starbucks_Fan1628d ago

Sigh that probably won't happen considering how poor this series is getting...

I kind of hope we see another Midnight Club next gen.

showtimefolks1628d ago

There are so many NFS games I stopped caring a while back, waiting for next midnight club for hopefully next gen

But if they were to do underground game with even more options I would really buy it

iR_phantasm1628d ago

Tokyo Extreme > NFS
I miss Genki =[

steve30x1627d ago

The handling in Tokyo Extreme was horrible. I had that game and still preferred NFS

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