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WorldGamer1030d ago

Oh H311 no! They got our moon son! lol.
Day one for me on for the PS4, can't wait for this. I need some warriors to join me to take back the Solar System, who's with me??

P0werVR1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

I'll be on Xbox One, but thumbs up either way!

nukeitall1030d ago

I will likely get this on Xbox One. Be awesome to instantly switch between Destiny and Titanfalls this coming spring!

Can't wait!!!

Kuse1030d ago

Agreed, Xbox One Day 1!

Enemy1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

PS4 day one, especially after it was demoed on PS4 and seeing how they have more specs to play with. Have they even demoed it on Xbone yet?

Lol. I won't be too surprised if the resolution is lower.

P0werVR1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


I'm not surprised by your comment, and doubt your even surprising in person.

ZodTheRipper1030d ago

"From the company that brought you Call of Duty"


malokevi1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )


You got mostly disagrees for saying that. Simply for stating that you'll be on a different console but that it's all good....

the guy who said he's on PS4 got basically no disagrees. Wow, what a stark contrast.

You suck, n4g.

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FamilyGuy1030d ago

Lol, read that in the voice of Reginald, the Koala from American Dad.

The game looks good, I was wondering how to get Beta access and this video answered it.

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mike32UK1030d ago

Is cross platform online multilayer possible in general? If so why isn't it done more often on 3rd party titles?

mhunterjr1030d ago

It's technically possible, but logistically... don't expect to ever see it happen. At least not between Sony and Microsoft consoles. Microsoft is pretty adamant about all online experiences being delivered through their own channels.

Ron_Danger1030d ago

Not sure about next gen, but Portal 2 was cross platform between PC/ Mac and PS3.

Regis1030d ago

I'm getting the collectors edition when it comes out or Legendary edition.

HxCGamer1030d ago

I'll always be with you, my liege.

Slothnut1030d ago

Nice got mine preordered for Xbox1 can't wait either tho! Ps4 or Xbox who cares just have fun and play the games!!

sigfredod1030d ago

i´m with you ps4 warriors

Ashunderfire861030d ago

I am!!! My PSN is legionaire2008

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Campy da Camper1030d ago

Yeah, I gotta admit this is shaping up to be a spectacular title. I really want to see how the online components work. If its fluid and quick making jumping in friends game easy a la that killzone footage we saw Iwith Shu sitting in the chair then Im all over it

deathstriker1030d ago

Looks nice, but I can't shake the Mass Effect/Borderlands hybrid feel... I'd rather play ME or Division at this point.

FamilyGuy1030d ago

It's starting to look like Warframe without the swords to me :/

Mass Effect and Borderlands too.

chrissx1030d ago

One of my anticipated games

P0werVR1030d ago

"And the company that brought you Call of "Duty" "

GTFO, Activision!

I believe this will be one in many missions.

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