NPD Reports Nintendo Wii Tops Canadian Sales Charts

While Microsoft is knockin' 'em dead in Europe, Nintendo of Canada has revealed today that, following yesterday's report, the Wii is the top selling current-generation platform in the Great White North, with lifetime sales of 813,000 units since its November 2006 launch.

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Genesis53892d ago

And somehow I have still never played one.

The BS Police3891d ago

I never played a Nintendo Wii yet, I never had the urge to, and everyone I know who has had played A Wii said it was nothing special,

I even know somebody who sold his pretty much 2 months after he got it.

deeznuts3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I can top the both of you. My GF who travels extensively for work, told me I can have hers, i.e. I can take it home. I have yet to play it or take it home yet.

Not that there are not good games for it, just hasn't compelled me just yet.

Oh, does anyone find the statement "While Microsoft is knockin em dead in Europe" funny? There is one thing turning up dead in Europe all right ...

wiizy3892d ago

great to see the wii on top everywhere.

PopEmUp3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

gimmick that comparing to the 8 years old ps2 roflmfao

Danja3892d ago

even though I would love to see the PS3 / 360 outsell the Wii..Kudos to Nintendo for defying all odds and reclaim the #1 spot in the industry....

jackdoe3892d ago

Damn, Canada is a pretty small market.

mistertwoturbo3892d ago

The Nintendo Wii is pure domination. Heck, they even have a two-part episode in South park with cartman really wanting a Nintendo Wii. Classic.