Dream games for Vita - Viva Pinata

Of course, the immediate difficulty before I even start writing any more words here revolve around the fact that the developer of the series – Rare – are a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft. However Rare did produce a DS version titled “Pocket Paradise” in 2008 which was released by the now defunct THQ, so this does open up the possibility that this could happen if they so wanted to in the future. The series does appear to have stalled somewhat, so what better for the franchise than a new beginning?

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Shinobi1001748d ago

The fact that Killzone Mercs has only moved 100k copies ensures that we won't be seeing ANY new AAA Vita games in the future, dream ones or otherwise

Kingthrash3601748d ago

wait till after holiday season to judge sales....100k in less than a month a week before the biggest game of the year (gtaV) yeah thats pretty much a success so far.

Misaka_x_Touma1748d ago

uh that because Rare still love and want work Nintendo. Don't see how this will happen with Sony.

thehobbyist1748d ago

That is so horribly incorrect. It will never happen because Rare was bought by Microsoft and are not allowed to do what they want.

Misaka_x_Touma1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

uh no. Microsoft doesn't have a handheld game system. Reason Rare developed Viva Pinata and Diddy Kong Racing DS for DS.

As long as it not a console game Microsoft will careless.