Backup Your GTA Save Before Starting GTA Online

From Angie Santiago at SpawnFirst: "Players have been in an upset due to the Grand Theft Auto Online issues. Players haven’t been able to get on to the online component of Grand Theft Auto V. Some have problems initially logging in to the service and others haven’t been able to get past the character customization screen. The worst issue of all is that some players’ save data has become corrupt after attempting to log in to GTA Online."


Update: Note that the latest single-player fix ( DOES NOT address the current online issue/save file corruption. Be advised to wait for a second update, or back up your single-player save before hitting up GTA Online.

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GarrusVakarian1819d ago

Its only the online character that's getting corrupted. Ive had the message already saying my character save has been corrupted but my main game is completely fine.

GortJester1819d ago

Yep, got the message too this morning, I was like jesus, I did all those side missions, but yeah, single player data is fine.

GarrusVakarian1819d ago

It sucks, best thing to do in my opinion is just wait until its fixed to make a character, that's what im going to do now anyway. I don't want to make a new one just for it to be corrupted again.

1nsomniac1819d ago

No, it's completely fucked my single player unfortunately :-(

I'm having to start my single player game from the very start again. I'm currently stuck as Trevor with no missions & it will not let me change character, wont even bring up the character radial dial. Pressing down just makes the mini map zoom out.

Pissed off, I was 60% complete...

GarrusVakarian1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Damn, that sucks man. I thought it only affected online, haven't seen anyone on the forums say its corrupting single player data. I feel your pain bro.

I am staying well away from the online until its fixed.

KwietStorm1819d ago

Why would you not already have a backup?

SirBradders1819d ago

I have given you a bubble for your trouble.

Omegasyde1819d ago


"Why would you not already have a backup? "

This game features Auto-save, and a save file should not currupt as the game is supposed to be tested before releasing on the market by both SONY/Microsoft and Rockstar.

Usually they are just test's to make sure the game is playable and that it won't brick the system but to also make sure that there isn't big bugs.

So to answer your question, why should you have to when the games should be tested before This release? Especially for a game that has been this long in development (over 4 #%@% years).

I hold R* accountable and they should "hook up" the players who's Single Player file was currupted like 1nssomniac

JackStraw1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

learn to back your saves up.

edit: uh, how many games have we had this gen that corrupts our save files? after a while you learn to just back them up. don't blame it on the developers because you're too lazy to do something that takes less than 5 minutes.

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Big_B0SS1819d ago

I remember when Saints Row had online issues and people where calling them out but becuase this is R* they are all good -_-

But but Saint Row 4 is DLC and not a full game and yet microtransactions are now the future.

MajorLazer1819d ago

I am a massive R* fan (hence the avatar) but even I would not give them a free pass! I am thoroughly dissapointed today :(

abusador1819d ago

Yeah i dont know why rockstar would even get a pass on the online portion as their mp portion of games rarely impress. Read Dead, Max Payne, GTA all had stiff animations, robotic movements and controls felt off and were nowhere near great mp experiences.

Dark_Overlord1818d ago

Forget Saints Row and GTA, Bethesda are the kings of free passes, their broken crap always scores 9's and 10's even when its unplayable :/

Iltapalanyymi1819d ago

Thanks for the heads up. I have not started playing online yet.

Pintheshadows1819d ago

I don't know if anyone has noticed this issue, but when going back to singleplayer half my weapons are gone. I only have a pistol now as Michael on my second playthrough after buying everything available from ammunation. No Grenade Launcher, no RPG, the Bat is gone.

dp2774071819d ago

Hey @ Pintheshadows that happened to me too but have you noticed if anything else has messed up and about how far in are you im about 35 40% done.

Pintheshadows1819d ago

On this playthrough 62%. I'm avoiding my 89% playthrough as I don't want that to get messed up. I'm not so bothered as I just wanted to play the heists in a different way.

Fil1011819d ago

yep also when I got returned to the story as Michael he was in Trevors car and my surround sound system was all F****D up, Plus I've had to do my online character 6 times had to reset my PS3 from the actual power button on the console as it had froze.

At the time of writing this I've given up and will wait until it is fixed, this is really one of the messiest online launches of any game this gen and I'm honestly surprised it's as bad as it is.

Pintheshadows1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Crackling Audio? I have that as well. I'm playing through headphones and tried with my TV speakers as well.

I'm just not going to connect GTA5 for a while.

KwietStorm1819d ago

If all of these problems exist, I might just go with the BF4 beta while they get it together.

Sketchy_Galore1819d ago

I expected major problems with online for a while after the mess that was the companion app. I am willing to hold off on online until I finish up single player, I just hope these problems don't come with the update anyway.

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