Nintendo Direct October 1st, 2013

Geron Roper gives us the finer details of today's (01OCT2013) Nintendo Direct offerings.

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Dunban671818d ago

With DK moving to a Feb 2014 release, what do we have coming out on the Wii U between now and 12-31-13?

Mario 3D Land, Mario and Sonic Olympics, Lego Marvel, The Ubi games, Skylanders- what am I missing?

Is Nintendo just going to focus mainly on platformers now?

A lot of the Indy games are platformers (good ones too) and it seems like Nintendo is emphasizing the same with it s lineup as well- The Wii U is becoming not only a Nintendo machine but a Nintendo platformer machine- I hope they don t narrow their focus too much as their target gamer demo s will become the polar opposite of the Wii s "blue Ocean" strategy- going from a "machine for everyone" to a "Nintendo machine for platformer enthusiast" as a huge change in strategy-

thezeldadoth1818d ago

sonic lost world, mario 3d world, assassins creed 4, wii party u (its not "hardcore" but a lot of people like those types of games)

and right now i love the platforming thing, because the other consoles are just doing shooters after shooter

also pikmin 3, wonderful 101, and Wind Waker HD are not platformers.

bobacdigital1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Watchdogs , AC, Cod, Lego Superheroes, Just dance 4 come out between then and now.

1818d ago
LOL_WUT1818d ago

I can't believe they delayed DKTF till Feb. I was really looking forward to it. The 3DS is getting good support which i'm not surprised but why aren't they developing that Kirby game for the Wii U also? Next month should be very interesting ;)

JuleyJules1818d ago

It could also be that there is a ton of stuff coming before Christmas and this will be in the gap before Mario Kart in March. I'm sure we'll hear of more things in the coming months too.

Kalebninja1818d ago

the directs today were great i'm really satisfied except i wish attack on titan was on wii u it looks really ugly on 3ds :/

Activemessiah1818d ago

A delay is NOT a bad thing! Nintendo rarely if never patch games because of glitches... they're not EA.
A delay on any game by any dev is a good thing.

Venox20081818d ago

yea better to delay than to release a broken game

evilbart1818d ago

I was hoping for much better things for my wii U but have barely touched it since I bought it at launch,finally put it up for sale today but going to take a big loss on it such a shame, I will never purchase a nintendo console again for at least a couple of years after launch.

AWBrawler1818d ago

and you say this on a story about one of the best directs, why?? why even make a public announcement?bheck i sold plenty consoles without announcing it online. just do it already.

truechainz1818d ago

no sympathy here. it doesn't make any sense why now would be the time you choose to sell it. Thing hasn't even been out a full year yet and the games that actually would make a wii U playable have been announced and are coming. If none of the games coming convince you to keep your wii u then none of the games in the launch window should have convinced you to buy it in the first place...

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