IGN UK: Wii Fit Out-of-Box Preview - We get our hands - and feet - on the final UK boxed retail version of Nintendo's guaranteed s

IGN UK writes: "- So, when is a game not a game? Well, when it's not fun, probably. Collective sighs of relief then for Wii Fit because, yes, it's fun. That's not to say we'd suggest every single one of you rush out and buy it though. In much the same way you probably already knew whether Brain Training was likely to be your thing prior to release, there's a good chance you've already – accurately – made your minds up about Wii Fit. Wobble board or otherwise, it's firmly in the realms of a – erm – life enhancement tool, which just happens to have Nintendo's amazing propensity for unmatchable polish daubed all over it.

Let's back up a bit though. Earlier this week, Nintendo dumped a final boxed retail copy of Wii Fit in our laps, still warm from the hairs on Mario's back. Stuffed full of promises for near-Adonis-like ripplitude in a matter of weeks, it's a surprisingly heavy package, adorned with a far more stylish frontage than that our US counterparts are set to receive. Best of all, Wii Fit comes emblazoned with a huge sticker proclaiming anyone over 23 st 8lb need not apply."

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