Free 'Pikmin 3' DLC Available Now

8CN: In the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, the company announced that the first installment of Pikmin 3 DLC is now available to download. It is completely free, and will add one new map to the game.

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Neonridr1697d ago

awesome, I still haven't finished the main game, but nice to see free DLC.

ritsuka6661696d ago

All DLC should be Free. *BF3 DLC rip*oofs* *coug*

_QQ_1697d ago

nice, but Nintendo give us online bingo battle.

BOWZER351696d ago

That would have been so sick, i love this game but no one can play it with me at my house, it needs online.


Oh man I was just about to trade it in...Awesome

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