Lead Up Look Back - Revisiting Heavy Rain

In the first of our Lead Up Look Back series, PlayStationer revisit Quantic Dream's "Heavy Rain", ahead of the release of Beyond: Two Souls, later this month.

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1820d ago
l33t_player1820d ago

hmm, reported? Looking forward to jumping back into Heavy Rain anyway ahead of this release, was a special game!

Plambey1820d ago

ah yeh, Heavy Rain is a special game alright, great storytelling

1820d ago
goldwyncq1820d ago

Even though the game got spoiled to me, I still enjoyed it immensely and was my personal GOTY for 2010. Here's hoping the same won't happen for Beyond.

Plambey1820d ago

definitely a risk with games like these, with twitter, Facebook, reddit and forums etc, you really have to shut yourself away or run the risk of spoilers!

ohboy1820d ago

Heavy rain , Dues ex , and La noire were some of the most ahead of there time revolutionary games I have ever played on the ps3 generation

Plambey1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

i'd agree there, i liked that they were different. they're also great games to not only play, but to watch as well.