Frostbite Tech Director: Battlefield 4 PC Beta Lacks Some Graphics Options, Retail Will Look Better

Now that the Battlefield 4 PC Beta has been fed to the masses, people are starting to weigh in on its looks and feel, but according to Frostbite Johan Andersson you haven’t seen everything just yet.

Today he gave some indications on what you can see now, what you’ll see in the future, and on what you should do to run things smoothly.

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Drummerdude411818d ago

Was gonna say, While i was playing it just felt like a slower version of bf3 with larger maps.

Abriael1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Not sure what options you're using, but it sure looks better to me. Slower too, yeah, but the improvement in visual quality is very visible to me.

Drummerdude411818d ago

Might be because i was using visual advancements like sweetfx in bf3. I am running everything on the highest possible settings. I built a rig to enjoy games like this on the highest settings, a better choice of words might be that it looks bland. I love games that pop with color. Was one reason i loved Skyward sword so much because the water colors were awesome.

Abriael1818d ago

@Drummerdude41: well yeah, that does change things quite a lot lol

Lionalliance1818d ago

Well it is "Beta" what ya expect.

Drummerdude411818d ago

I completely understand beta's aren't necessarily the final product. But at this stage in development with the game coming out in less than a month, they don't have time to redo large amount of textures, maps or engine specific processing. I'm not saying the game isn't great just that with such little time till release most of the things in the beta are final.

Abriael1818d ago

Eh, I've seen beta completely lacking high rez textures until release for instance, in order to speed up download. I don't know if this is the case, but it's not unprecedented.

Feralkitsune1818d ago

This is likely an old build anyways. Same as with the BF3 Beta, It was a much older build and the release had fix 90% of the problems the beta had.

XboxFun1818d ago

Wait, you mean a beta of a game wasn't up to expectations? Now that's just silly....right?

1818d ago
hollabox1818d ago

Strange seem like the only thing I have heard recently about BF4 rather its PS4, XB1, or PC are graphics downgrade. Oh well, this game should play nice with AMD new VC I plan on buying this fall.

CandyFace1818d ago

Just stop listening to people criticizing the game because most of it are stuff people know nothing about. It's so amazing how some people all the time expect the worlds wonder when something new is cooking, every time. I won't call it a downgrade and even if, then it's still beta. Theoretically people says "The game is in this state and nothing else is going to happen" but they're not the developers therefore they know nothing about it.

hollabox1818d ago

Just going with recent news, downgrade, missing graphics features, graphics features turned off, 720P, 900P,1080P, whatever. Heck not even BF3 looked as good on my PC as the promo shots led me to believe during E3 a couple of years ago. Oh well, still in my Amazon pre order cart.

nitrogav1818d ago

It feels like trudging through tar its that slow !! . The new controls are awful too . Oh dear . That`s on ps3 by the way .

Feralkitsune1818d ago

Oh, I was confused the game is the same speed as always if not faster. But, I'm on PC and the key bindings are the same. Gameplay I recorded at like 3AM....

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