Sony: We can't afford to ignore Steam machines

Sony says that while Valve's Steam machine announcements so far aren't "rattling their confidence" they admit that they can't ignore what Valve does with their Steam consoles.

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GarrusVakarian1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I don't blame them, its wise for Sony to be aware/cautious, Steam machines are definitely a threat to both Sony and MS.

Lalanana1698d ago

Yes. Only thing is I fail to see who steam machines are targeted toward.

GarrusVakarian1698d ago

Same people who buy consoles?

SirBradders1698d ago

I think mainly pc gamers if i know that a steam machine can be upgradeable and optimised like console just with pc hardware id get that instead of keep upgrading my pc. Or even better id flash what i have and instal linux.

Sevir1698d ago

False, It's not targeted at console buyers, it's a PC environment, and targeted squarely at the niche upper echelon of tech specs. It's why Valve's reference Steam Machine is $1000+ it's all very interesting but I don't think people who game exclusively on consoles are gonna fork over 1000+ to buy an open source machine made by other OEMs... Not right now, the tech powering it would most certainly be in the enthusiast price range sporting the latest and greatest with SteamOS all over it, at a premium..

These are for PC gamers who can't deal with the bloatware of Window OS who will want near console level optimization on custom pc set up. Console gamers in the mainstream and general public are quite satisfied by Sony MS and Nintendo's offering.

LOGICWINS1698d ago

Its targeted towards non-PC gamers who want to play hundreds of PC gems that they've missed out on for the past decade or a deep discount. I'm buying one for sure.

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THC CELL1698d ago

Listen, I hear tons of people still getting ps4 n also a steam machine now, Xbox should. Be more worried at this.

EXVirtual1698d ago

I don't see the Steam Machines as a huge threat, but it's nice to know that Sony isn't being cocky. Keeping aware of your surroundings is good.

Mister_G1698d ago

In Portal 2 you could link your PSN account to a Steam Account so there has been colaboration there before, so maybe Steam will come to PS4 in some shape or form?

Faztkiller1698d ago

That what I was thinking maybe the PS4 could also be a steam machine