Half Life 3 Is Never Coming, Here’s Why

Joshua Mobley of VGU.TV tells us why Valves shift towards the free to play model and growing game budgets ensures Half Life 3 will never be developed.


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COPYRIGHT NEWS: This article was posted about an hour before the copyright news broke. However companies often trademark things to protect their assets. So HL3 still may not be coming. The point of this article isn't to say I don't want HL3, i'd love to be proven wrong. The point of this article was to prove that Valve probably isn't interested in developing it due to their recent business trends. Enjoy and be civil.

- Josh M

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MajorAly1813d ago

If Valve doesn't come out with HL3, the G-Man is gonna get to Gabe Newell.

jmobley1813d ago

gabe newell is the g-man

Fluke_Skywalker1813d ago

Sadly I don't think it's ever coming, and for one simple reason. Valve know full well they could never deliver a game that could possibly live up to the expectations for HL3.
I say this as someone who rates HL2 in the top 3 games of all time. In fact it's probably my personal number 1. I also say it as someone who is worried that HL3 could come along, suck balls and then ruin the memory of HL1 and 2.

joe901813d ago

Agreed Fluke.

A good sign is Portal 2 still felt very much like part of the Half Life world and that was 2 years ago so who knows.

AndrewLB1813d ago

I'd agree with you except for the fact that there is no way they could possibly end the series with that scene in the helicopter hanger...

Big_B0SS1813d ago

I am not pissed at the fact that it has not come out yet but more the fact that Gabe has not shared a single thing about it...I mean just let us know that its still in development or release one dam screen shot of the game.

You dont give someone an awesome experiance and leave it at a cliff hanger and give your fanbase the silent treatment.

Maybe the saying about a Gabe fat joke a day keeps Hald Life away is true and this is Gabes way of getting even with all the people that called him fat :(

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GryestOfBluSkies1813d ago

no! i refuse to accept this!

ProjectVulcan1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

It IS coming. It IS.

But not for another 2 years minimum.

Valve work in a crazy fluid way, if you read their intro for new employees they basically gather round and toss ideas and then build what they feel in groups instead of following a tight corporate structure.

This means that in order for them to make Half Life 3, a big group of them have to agree and want to do it, and they have to agree on a good idea.

Secondly, Valve are in the middle of making Source engine 2. Thirdly- this will surely be aimed at next gen consoles and higher end PCs.

Therefore it is much more likely to tell the story they want and make the HL3 they want, they will need the new engine to imagine that, and the new console and better PC hardware to be widespread to make it profitable.

My guess is that we will see it, but not until the new consoles are well established and Source 2 is complete.

jmobley1813d ago

it's possible but I wouldn't hold your breath. Valve focus on free-to-play, linux,SteamOS, and supporting their current titles will probably ensure HL3 never happens.

ProjectVulcan1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

I wasn't planning on holding my breath for at least 2 years, but you're dead wrong here, sorry.

The only reason it hasn't actually come already is because Valve have preferred to explore the L4D and Portal IPs as well as branch to DOTA2, being easier and faster to create and improve on well worn and well trod technology and territory.

They know that Half Life 3 would be a major undertaking, many many years in development from start to finish. They probably thought it needed a jump in technology to achieve their ultimate aims for the series.

We saw precisely the same thing, taking 6 years to get to Half Life 2 and a pretty significant technological leap to generate the physics and such.

However an extended console generation delaying advanced tools and hardware to the masses and a shift in the industry especially on PC towards the FTP models was going to mean any new HL would take an inordinate length of time to arrive.

The shift doesn't at all mean Valve or most other major developers have outright given up developing high profile stand alone titles.

GTA5 is testament to that.

Half Life is Valve's crowning glory, unquestionably.

If you think they will abandon the series just because FTP is now popular, then you are mistaken.

Don't sit around waiting for it to arrive for sure, but don't believe that Valve's greatest creation is dead and buried either. Its just on hiatus. A long one. This just backs up my first comment about the fluidity of their development.

CRAIG6671813d ago

Valve are taking the piss, I have been angry for a very long time regarding how they left episode 2, and us fans waiting for a conclusion to that cliff hanger... Valve have seemingly no respect for fans of that series what-so-ever.

1813d ago
BABY-JEDI1813d ago

If true, then this would be really really sad. Half life is a brilliant series.

Amigaengine1813d ago

"Half Life 3 Is Never Coming"

That was just sad to read :(

Amigaengine1813d ago

dont be lol, sure I can find other games to spend money on.

Enjoy the Destiny stuff you have done.

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