Sessler's Something: Q&A Edition, Video Game Scapegoats and How Adam Reviews Games

In this episode of Sessler's Something: Q&A Edition, Adam takes more of your questions from Facebook! This time around, Sessler is talking about the way he goes about dissecting a game for review, as well as the blame video games sometimes receive from the media after national tragedies like the Washington Navy yard shooting.

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SpiralTear1818d ago

I wish there was more study for video games and not just ignorantly seeing if GTA causes real-world violence. We need a way to understand the broader picture: how do games affect us on the big picture, or better yet, what makes a game have the potential to do that in the first place?

What about Skyrim makes a gamer involved, immersed and drawn to play further?

What about Bioshock makes that political and artistic commentary so valuable and easy to see?

What about Super Mario Brothers brought gaming back from the crash in the 80's and made us love playing them again?

These are just some of the questions that I'd love to hear from studious institutions and maybe even news organizations instead of saying "the shooter played Call of Duty" and letting the accusations and problematic connections breed from there.